MHCC Groups

Mount Helena Community Church is committed to connecting people – both to Jesus and to a community of people around them. These connections are at the heart of our vision to build community and live the mission. We believe this vision is carried out in our daily lives and in our gatherings, large and small.

MHCC Groups are small groups of people who meet regularly to share a common interest, discussion, topic or curriculum. These groups provide a relaxed and casual atmosphere to connect with others and experience life together. Outdoor activities, art or game nights, youth groups, parenting and marriage classes, Bible studies, and support groups are just some of the many possibilities.

New groups begin every-other month and each group is categorized into one of the following levels of commitment: 

Minimal Commitment

Level 1 groups are casual and light-hearted gatherings to get to know people in our community. Members can come and go, and do not necessarily need to RSVP. These groups are based around an activity or shared interest, and there is no curriculum or study involved.

Moderate Commitment

Level 2 groups require a little bit more of you. Members need to RSVP as there may be childcare, a meal, or a group activity to coordinate. These groups are based around an interest, activity, or curriculum. Curriculum will be able to be jumped into at any time and members won’t feel as though they’ve “fallen behind” if they miss a few weeks.

High Commitment

Level 3 groups will be pursuing a common interest, or going through a book or curriculum on a specific schedule. Members understand that they need to attend as many of the group gatherings as possible during the semester, and should communicate absences to the leader. Topics of study and activities may be more specific or challenging than in a moderate group. Members who do not do the reading, or miss meetings or activities will fall behind.

Ministry Teams

Level 4 groups are the ministry teams at MHCC. We believe one of the best ways to get to know people is to serve alongside them. Our teams of volunteers are what make our ministries possible and there is always room for another helping hand! Once you sign up, you will be contacted by a leader of that ministry team regarding their application, training, and scheduling processes. Feel free to contact a leader before signing up if you have questions about their ministry.

How do I sign up?

MHCC Groups signup days are offered on 2nd Sundays, every-other month (September, November, January, etc.). Some ongoing groups can be joined at any time, as specified in the group details (see FIND A GROUP, below).

To sign up you have two options:

Join an existing group and get to know others in the MHCC community.

Learn about the different groups currently available by clicking the FIND A GROUP button below. Then, click JOIN A GROUP to sign up for the group that interests you. Access signups easily anytime through the MHCC Mobile App.

Start a new group with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers etc.

We are glad to help you with your ideas and provide training necessary to start a new group. You can recruit some people you know, and others will have the opportunity to sign up through MHCC. To begin, click the START A GROUP button below and fill out the online application. Someone from our MHCC Groups Team will be in touch shortly!

Note: After clicking ‘FIND A GROUP’ the groups menu may take a few moments to load.